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Writing for Business by Bill Ross

An experienced communicator
in a wide range of channels:

  • Technical Writing, editing and producing documentation (from user to system levels)
  • Marketing writing: Web content, success stories, promo/collateral, articles, whitepapers, information design, more

Bill Ross

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NYC from the air, (c)  2010 by Bill Ross

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National Reviews
of our documentation and technical writing:

"The manual is very well-written "

"...Thorough, intelligently arranged," "...strong reference features and clear instructions."

Reviewer David Pogue:

"Then they sent me a draft of the fine new manual, and suddenly light dawned."

From Clients:

"The amount of questions to our Support desk decreased significantly."

"Users find the documentation clear and easy to use."

"You did a great job, especially considering how little support we were able to give you."


photo by © Bill Ross, 2010 – the eastern Catskills: High Peak, Round Top, South Mtn. (from left)



Photos by Bill Ross —

Top, NYC from the air, 2010

Below: "Vistas"
   (location: Kaaterskill Clove, NY)





A small sampling of work originally written for various businesses.

Current (2013)

Documentation for VidyoCast, cloud-based broadcast video production.
Wrote, produced and am maintaining a set of six operations manuals.
Also editing assorted marketing writing, site content.


Writing and Technnology services for Idea Champions, a leading innovation consultancy. Currently,

  • MC and manager of their live webinars (Gotomeeting)
  • Page Design and Production of all their proposals in print (Word)
  • Many other services performed over a 10-year relationship.


  • Produced a 250-page Event Productions manual on all aspects from overall and stage management to large screen HD video projection, and full video and sound recording; for WOPI, Los Angeles, 2010. Consulted on/edited inhouse documentation projects.
  • Updated and rewrote a course plan for a daylong introduction to Mac OS X.
  • Added interest pages to the site of The Waterfall House, a vacation rental home in New York's Catskill Mountains.
    Wrote: History and Guest Comments pages; produced: Area, Vintage postcards
  • Press releases for MarketingWorks, Cold Spring, NY
  • Posts for Idea Champions' "Heart of Innovation" blog, like
    "No Time to Forget About Innovation"

More on Documentation

B4M Fork Tutorial / Reference (sample pages),
  for a television station automation/database system.

Reviews of our documentation / technical writing / information design

Complete manuals and many more samples are available in print.

Promotional Pieces

Our Legendary Locale and Guest Comments pages –
 Web content written for the Waterfall House, a Catskill Mountains vacation rental. (Also produced their purely visual Vintage Postcards page, and added a custom map to the Surrounding Areas page.) 2008-present.

Legendary Locale of The Waterfall House, by Bill Ross

"Jaymark Jewelers Travels to Antwerp..." for Jaymark through MarketingWorks, Cold Spring, NY

"Spotlight on Local Business: Adams Fairacre Farms"
(Short promotional article for supermarket)

Affordable Video Conferencing for Every Desktop (PDF, 53K)

Wireless Data Collection - Capture, View Customer Data from Field (PDF 60K)


My blog on tech/media/business

  (Mostly from 2006-09)

Customer Success Stories

Cook Group Runs Globe-Spanning Array of Businesses on jBASE and Linux

Beta LaserMike Measures Needs, Goes with ProductCenter

Workgroup Rises to the Task for Canadian Forestry Equipment Maker

Brochures, Data Sheets

Company Product Brochure (for PDM/PLM) 6 pages

SolidWorks Integrator (for PDM/PLM)

Perl Toolkit


Whitepaper on IBM mainframe security with RSA SecurID® Authentication


Blogging about innovation
for Idea Champions' "The Heart of Innovation"
(which I also managed the launch of:)

In Your Dreams  (Sept. 30, 2007)
Where do Great Ideas come from?  (Sept. 1)
Building "Living Space" around Railroad Stations (Aug. 21)
How the great Celtics teams won: by Keeping It Simple  (Aug. 10)
Frank Gehry's Designing By Prototype  (July 31)


An Introduction to XML (Extensible Markup Language)

Hawaii - the Next Silicon Valley?

Scouting the Techno-Frontier

Write to inquire --

bill @_rosswriting_._com

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