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    Delivering Chinese Food Through The Internet (sm)

        The breakthrough e-business idea we're now developing is Chinese Food Delivery Over The Internet! It's a natural - as you know, the Internet is a "packet-switched" type of network, and Chinese restaurants already serve a number of their food items, soy sauce, hot mustard, etc., in packets.

        All they have to do is put the actual main courses in packets, too, mail them, and the Internet will reassemble them at the destination and deliver the message -- or in this case, the meal!

        Not only is it an unbelievable delivery mechanism, but this idea also contains a built-in market - programmers, who, according to legend, routinely consume large amounts of Chinese food. Imagine the glee of these high-income, motivated buyers when their favorite food can be delivered through the medium they would prefer to never have to leave!

        We are taking inquiries from potential investors now; but please, due to the volume, make sure to have your financials readily at hand.

        (We know, when you saw the idea, you thought, "But that's just too… too easy! I could have thought of that!" But we did first, and have successfully obtained the patent on it, too. Who says the patent office isn't keeping up with the times?)

        For corporate filings and more information, visit our secure site at (Use your Premium Service password to log on.)

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