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 by Bill Ross

number of things written on days off the beaten track.


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the More Serious Part

"Items of Interest"
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How about an Award for The Best New “Green” Technology?

the Fun Part

Warm Up to the Police State

Our Company's New 'Innovation Committee'

The Greatest Names in Sports

Breakthrough E-Commerce idea!!

It's a Loud, Loud World

Dance vs. Hoops

Please Take A Year Off To Catch Up

Phil Jackson for President!

"Artist's Conception of a box of Kellogg's Corn Flakes entering a black hole in space"

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Except: "Innovation Committee"
© 2006 Idea Champions


(First of all, seriously,)
How about an Award for The Best New “Green” Technology?

Universities give prestigious awards to inventors for inventiveness, and creativity, and outstanding achievements to eBusiness. How about a prize for people who fix problems we already have, instead of just to innovations of whatever sort, which so often later turn out to be part of the problem? (1/06)

(Then, here's where the Fun Part starts:)
Warm Up to the Police State

It's for your own good! Just like Mom and/or Dad used to say. Because our beloved Administration, the Presidential Branch, they're like the grownups, see? They just know better. We should just do our part and let them do their's, make sure our faces are clean (because we're pretty much being videotaped all day long)...

(Oops -- not sure how much fun that was! But this time for sure:)

skit: Our Company's New 'Innovation Committee'

A skit written for a corporate team building and idea-generation consultant -- a cutting, edgy, textbook study of how not to "facilitate" a brainstorming session.

The Greatest Names in Sports

We come to praise some of the biggest names in sports, and celebrate one of their greatest games. All these years later, still no one can believe it. But it seems like it's always those same great names playing and winning.

Breakthrough E-Commerce idea!!

Hot and steaming, delivered right to your computer -- Get in now on this unbelievable investment opportunity offered only to you, our Premium Service Readers!

It's a Loud, Loud World

Whichever tool is howling at the dawn, the reverie is over, and so is its recuperative effect. Another unhappy ode to combustion joins the first, and then another; and we're jolted back into the grating reality of our driven world.

Dance vs. Hoops

When a dancer twirls around two or three times, what has really been accomplished by this action?  In contrast, the value of a basketball player's spin move is quantifiable.

Attention, Wintel software developers:
Please Take A Year Off To Catch Up

We, The People, have talked it over (we all had a gigantic chat one night while you weren't watching - while we still can pull off stuff like that), and we've decided to make a polite but formal request of you who produce our computers and software.

Phil Jackson for President!

(Now an historical relic -- )
"If Jackson was able to keep Shaq and Kobe happy, he could manage anything. Surely Coach could find ways to apply the triangle offense, aggressive defense, and strong team play to resolving our nation's problems."

The Gallery

(c) 2006 by Bill Ross


     paper bag addressed to me
       (artful addressing by K. Breymann, 2008)


      The New Type Writer- 1860's Atlantic Monthly

Weight 10 pounds. Price $60. First Class in Every Respect.
For Professors and Students the Type Writer is especially valuable as it saves drudgery and aids composition.
Send for Circulars.

(An ad from an issue of The Atlantic Monthly from circa 1860's, the magazine that at that time was publishing Ralph Waldo Emerson and all the New England Transcendalists.
Courtesy of the collection of Ted and Susan Sillars.)


Opus, by Berkeley BreathedJuly 30, 2006 (this storyline ran through two more Sundays)





The Amazing TV-B-Gone, a small but significant leap for humankind. Regain some degree of control over television!

(From our weblog:)
Another "Giant Leap For Humankind"

"Here’s the device that fairly defines simplicity, and in an added Thoreavian kick, offers to return a little peace and quiet to your harried life."


© 2006 by Bill Ross

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