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Professional Document Production Services  --  Boston/NY


Your Business Depends
on your Documents

Get Help producing your professional work

    Do you go crazy sometimes trying to get files to print the way you want?

    Trying to get tabs to line up, or control page numbering, or make Styles work?

    Fonts, tables, indexing?

    Or is your computer pulling weird tricks you can't figure out?

We'll help you meet deadlines by --

  • Producing the work for you, at your office. Or,
  • Training you how to do it yourself.


Experts in putting software to work
(and problem solving, make-it-happen types) with -

We'll help produce your:

Brochures - Publications
Catalogs - Reports - Web pages - Proposals - Documentation - Specifications...

Veteran Writers/Editors

General troubleshooting
& training for PC / Mac, too

All at reasonable rates

  • Word - Excel - Powerpoint
  • Dreamweaver / html (Web pages)
  • Quark - PageMaker - FrameMaker (layout)
  • FileMaker (database)

Professional Document Production Services

Marblehead, Massachusetts

Write to:
billross @ cove . com

20 years experience in applying technology to communications between people.


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