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an Our Hudson Valley Network Spotlight on Local Businesses, 2007


Adams Fairacre Farms

Poughkeepsie - Kingston - Newburgh

Then and Now: Adams' story

It all began in 1919, when Ralph A. Adams and his wife Mary bought a roadside farm in Poughkeepsie, New York. They worked the land, selling fresh produce to area retailers. By 1933 Ralph and Mary had four children and a successful farmstand. Adams Fairacre Farms was born.

At first they were just selling fruits and vegetables, but soon folks were asking for more. "Once you sell the produce, they want cheese, then meats, then a deli. It was a slow, natural progression," says son Donald. "And as we had supplies for the farm, people wanted fertilizer or plants from us, so we added the garden center."

With 3 locations in the Hudson Valley (and 700 employees), Adams now has a full-service departments for:
  • Meat,
  • Seafood,
  • Gourmet foods,
  • Cheeses,
  • Gifts,
  • Houseplants.
  • a Deli,
  • a Bakery,
  • a Sweet Shop,
  • a Garden Center,
  • a Nursery.
There are even divisions for Landscaping, Power Equipment, and Fences.

What makes Adams so much more than just a supermarket is the modern selection and convenience paired with old-fashioned fussiness, a quality that's so hard to find in supermarkets these days. The amazing variety you'll find in the aisles of Adams is a direct result of both listening to customer feedback and their passion for providing the very best products available.

Farmstand quality, Super Farm Market selection

It's no accident that your first step into any Adams Fairacre Farms store brings you right into the Produce Department. This is the heart of the business! After all, Adams Fairacre Farms started as a roadside farmstand. Today, the family still picks the produce they sell, but not quite in the same way.

Now they hand-select the very best fruits and vegetables available, from local farms whenever possible. It's with a farmer's eye that with each season they choose the amazing fresh corn, vine-ripened tomatoes, just-picked berries, crisp greens, and the so-much-more of everything that you see.

Gourmet chefs will tell you that if you need an exotic ingredient, Adams is where you'll find it. From plantains to hot peppers, from cremini mushrooms to fresh chestnuts, you'll find it at their stores. Now that's selection galore!

Garden Center: Adams knows a thing or two about growing

Whether you're a seasoned gardener, or a weekend dabbler, whether you're thinking big or starting small, Adams has what it takes to create and maintain your garden.

To make any growing thing thrive, you've got to start with good soil. Adams has all the traditional and organic soil amendments you'll need to ensure your plants come up healthy and strong. If pests are an issue, they have a full range of chemical and non-chemical options to fight back. You'll find an exciting array of seeds, both traditional and organic, as well as sturdy gardening tools and gadgets to make the task a bit easier.

If you need pots and potting supplies, this is the place. They've got containers of all shapes, sizes and styles, and every garden accessory under the sun, including a wonderful array of gift items and gardening books. And, if you need a little gardening guidance, just ask one of the pros in the Adams Garden Center. They're always happy to help a fellow green thumb.

Remaining family-owned and operated has enabled Adams' farmstand roots to prevail -- giving personal attention to the details and having firsthand knowledge of their customers' preferences -- even though they've grown into three Super farm markets.

Adams Fairacre Farms' locations


    Route 44
    (845) 454-4330


    Route 9W
    (845) 336-6300


    Route 300
    (845) 569-0303

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