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Writing Samples, by Type


by Bill Ross 

National Reviews
of our Technical Writing

Customer Success Stories

BUDGETexT Runs Its Business on jBASE

Cook Group Runs Globe-Spanning Array of Businesses on jBASE and Linux

Beta LaserMike Measures Needs, Goes with ProductCenter

Workgroup Rises to the Task for Canadian Forestry Equipment Maker

Promotional Pieces

Spotlight on Local Business: Adams Fairacre Farms (supermarket)

Affordable Video Conferencing for Every Desktop (PDF, 53 K)

Wireless Data Collection - Capture, View Customer Data from Field (PDF 60 K)

Headlines for AltaVista e-commerce site

Product page for AltaVista e-commerce site

Article for regional business development promotion

Script for AltaVista/NBA Halftimes promotion

Script for teamwork training


An Introduction to XML (Extensible Markup Language)

Hawaii - the Next Silicon Valley?

Scouting the Techno-Frontier

Data Sheets

SolidWorks Integrator (for PDM/PLM)

AutoCAD Integrator   ( " )

BOM Editor


Whitepaper on IBM mainframe security with RSA SecurID® Authentication


B4M Fork Tutorial / Reference (sample pages),
  for a television station automation/database system.

(Note: much more available in print)

Reviews of our documentation / technical writing / information design

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