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NBA In-Arena Promotion Script

‘97-98 season

This is a script we created for an AltaVista marketing program that we managed, run in nine different NBA arenas in April, 1998.  We used this channel to demonstrate the Search service in simple terms and a fun way, to 500,000 live, roaring, slam-dunk-crazed basketball fans. 

    Along with the usual signage and a product giveaway, this script was performed during time-outs in multiple home games of each of these teams:

    • New York Knicks (Madison Square Garden) 
    • Los Angeles Lakers (The Forum)
    • Indiana Pacers
    • Miami Heat
    • Seattle Supersonics
    • Charlotte Hornets
    • San Antonio Spurs
    • Washington Wizards
    • Atlanta Hawks

"The AltaVista NBA Search"

A fan in the stands gets asked a basketball trivia question about their home team.  Arena personnel pick one fan out, and bring the microphone to that person's seat.

[ Announcer - ]

"Look up for the ‘high view,’ fans - it's time for the AltaVista NBA Search!  One lucky fan gets to answer a question that AltaVista can find for you on the Internet."

On the diamondvision screen over the scoreboards above center court, the question is typed out in an AltaVista-lookalike query box -

AltaVista Logo
Search the Web for
 Lakers All-time Assist Leader?


[Announcer, while the fan picked has 10 seconds to answer, with all the people around yelling the right answer at them - ]

“AltaVista finds you anything on the Internet.  It’s a free service at, your gateway to the World Wide Web.  Okay, what’s your  answer?”

When the fans give their answer, the Submit button flashes, and the results are displayed:

“That’s Right!  You win!”


“Oops, sorry.” 

(Winners received prizes chosen by each team.)

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