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Samples of Professional Writing  by Bill Ross

  -- listed Chronologically, by company

Recent Work

Blogging about innovation
for Idea Champions' "The Heart of Innovation" (which I also manage:)

In Your Dreams 
Where do Great Ideas come from?
Building "Living Space" around Railroad Stations
How the great Celtics teams won (by Keeping It Simple)
Frank Gehry's Designing By Prototype

Marketing writing for Adams Fairacre Farms  (supermarket)

Documentation for Building4Media (B4M), The Netherlands

Wrote, designed, and produced a Tutorial and Reference manual (sample pages: 1 Mb PDF) for a television station automation/database system, currently used by CNN and around the world.  Worked with B4M in Europe entirely through virtual media.

For jBase Software, Framingham, Mass.

An Introduction to XML (Extensible Markup Language)

Customer Success Stories:

BUDGETexT Runs Its Business on jBASE
Cook Group Runs Globe-Spanning Array of Businesses on jBASE and Linux

Press Releases:

Modular Information Systems Joins jBASE Software’s Value Added Reseller Network
ViaDuct 2000 Now Available for jBASE from @Better Results
jBASE and Binary Star Team in Development Project

For Rocket Software, Natick, Mass

Whitepaper on IBM mainframe security
"'Rocket Agent for OS/390' Native SecurID® Authentication"


For Workgroup Technology Corp., (now part of Softech, Tewksbury, Mass.)

Listed on their site. Full collor print versions also available.

Success Stories

"Beta LaserMike Measures Needs, Goes with ProductCenter"
When Beta LaserMike realized they needed product data management (PDM) to optimize their engineers' productivity and accelerate time-to-market, they turned to Workgroup Technology Corporation.

"Workgroup Rises to the Task for Canadian Forestry Equipment Maker"
Risley Resolves Two-year-long Data Management Problem by Switching to ProductCenter.

"BAE SYSTEMS CANADA Saves Millions with ProductCenter"
Collaborative PDM Solution Gives Control Over Explosion of CAD Files, Saves Valuable Time
(Available in print )

Datasheets for Modules & Integrations

SolidWorks® Integrator
Provides SolidWorks 3D CAD users with file and configuration management of SolidWorks data from within CAD application.

AutoCAD Integrator
Build ProductCenter configurations from AutoCAD data and populate ProductCenter attributes from AutoCAD attributes.

ProductCenter BOM Editor
Develop the definition of the product structure that identifies the hierarchy of parts of the product currently under development.

ProductCenter Perl Toolkit
Extend and customize ProductCenter with the industry-standard Perl scripting language.
(Available in print )

Primary Product Brochure: Workgroup ProductCenter
Collaborative Product Data Mgmt. solution
(Available in print )


For AltaVista

Software Product Marketing

Headlines for AltaVista MarketSpace

Headlines from the front page of the
e-commerce companion site to the original AltaVista Search.

AltaVista Tunnel Overview

The pitch for AltaVista's virtual private network (VPN) product for encrypted network dialup.

(for the AltaVista MarketSpace webzine, 1997)

Eek - commerce on the Net!

    E-commerce today looks a lot like just another mail order catalog, but "Micro-commerce" could really open the Net up for business.

Chips Off the Old Block

    Whatever happened to MIPS?  MHz don't rate any more.

Scouting the Techno-Frontier

    Everything is vaporware that's not fully available today.

Script for AltaVista Search promotion in NBA arenas

Conducted during time-out's of NBA games in nine cities,
April-May, '98

Reviews of
our Technical Writing

Compliments, even praise in five reviews in respected national industry publications (InfoWorld, Macworld, others,) for four different manuals.


For DigiGAN Datasheets, in print and on the Web, for various services; 2001.
"Affordable Video Conferencing for Every Desktop in Your Enterprise"

PDF (53 K)

"DigiGAN Wireless Data Collection
Capture and View Customer Data from the Field...Instantly!"

PDF (60 K)

(If these Adobe Acrobat PDF files do not open,  Get the Free Acrobat Reader )


For Redline Media

Hawaii - the Next Silicon Valley?

Ghostwritten article for Redline Media, 1998

All articles indexed and linked to from this page (not otherwise copyrighted by the companies they were written for) are copyright 2006 by Bill Ross.


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