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Podcasts/MP3s: Being Interviewed -- VO demo

Various employments of the Spoken Word.

  • Interviewed
    by Mark Withington of Boston PHP, at the Web Innovators Group session, May '06. (5:37 - 5.2 Mb)
    Mark asks,
  • - since Web 2.0 startups can be launched with comparatively little capital required, what should you put the money into?
    - about our accelerating world
    - about small, optimized applications

    Podcast (AAC)


    Mark's full podcast from WebInno (30 minutes), also interviewing host David Beisel and others.

  • Interviewed
    by Michelle Sweet of WGBH 89.7 fm, Boston,
    National Public Radio, March '07.

    Michelle asks Bill about what classical music means to him.
  • Part 1  (MP3, 1:34)

    Part 2  (MP3, 4:12)

      (more avail. shortly)

    (This interview was a result of our weblog entry,
    "Classical Radio Lives To Tell The Tale" 11/18/06)

  • Voiceover demo

    MP3 (1:37)

More to come



Voiceover demo

1:37 (MP3)



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