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Bill Ross



The 20th WebInno Packs The House

You Can Only See It If You Stand Right Here

Epson's Built-In Cheat


"Can America Invent Its Way Back?"

"That's Why He's A Great Player"

"10 Most 'Accountable' Big Companies"

Barack Obama, President-Elect


The Last Three Weeks in the Financial System

Blunt Financial Instruments Used for the Crime


Just Plain Beautiful


Twittering on about Facebook, etc.


"Top 10 Social Networking Annoyances"


Drumming Up Teamwork


Slo-mo "lifestreaming"- on being creative, & listening
Do We Act, or just React?
"A true story about a chair"
A Shift in Perspective
Google: Huge Idea, Simple Insight
The Sweat That Eureka Demands
Front Seat TV Found "Distracting"


Just Keep Swinging
On "Blog Coaching"


Can trends be predicted, much less created?
Serious Fun Dept.: The Playpump
The 5 C's for a Team, from Nate McMillan (and 1)
"View from a Creative Mind"



"Christmas Time Is Here" - the sweetly sad blues version


Rewarding "Appropriate Tech" Innovation
Predators In The Televised Bushes (Tracing Back To Root Causes


Where Do Great Ideas Come From?
"High Tech/High Touch"- Naisbitt Nailed IT Long Ago

September '07

Two short bits of interesting thinking, one for each side
Paying the price of iMpatience
"Love Is A No-Brainer"
What I'm learning about blogging

August '07

Great Ideas Dept.: Build at RR Stations; Auerbach ...
Half of all media will be created by consumers?
Early solar power ad? Predecessor of Suess's Grinch
Gehry, Bricklin, Prototyping; & "Repurposing Content"
Delivering A Bouncing Baby Blog

July '07

The Voice & Videocams of the People
Small-time Internet radio granted reprieve @ 11th hour
Valuing Trees, In Dollars and Sense

June '07

The Limitations of "Free" Content

May '07

Interface or Face To Face?
The peaceful, Human-powered lawn mower

April '07

Ernie Johnson wins another Emmy
Even The Young 'Get' Focus, It Turns Out
Crackberry Down!
Web-based apps vs. Verizon customer service

March '07

Time Out (for a good laugh)
Web apps: Are manageable expectations possible?
'The Internet Can't Handle Full-blown TV'
Starbucks Hears the Music
Payola settlement with Big Radio to boost indie artists
U.S. Copyright Royalty Board deep-6's music Webcasting

February '07

Al Gore, crusader (& comedian, even!)
Invited to do a testimonial for WGBH
Brick and mortar e-music & bookstores
"18 inventors picked to join Hall of Fame"
NYC to ban PEDs outdoors?
Releasing the spiders, & letting Boston off the hook
Endless Vistas... of confusion

January '07

Engineers Rule -- Again?
"Baaack it up!" * (Before the Botnets get it)
Great Signs, and one wonders...
Planting Seeds of Synergy
Happy New Year, Month, Day...



15 Houseplants Can Reduce Indoor Pollution
Web 2.0 and "Rational" VC Investing
Season's Greetings!
An Exchange About GPS Monitoring of Kids
TNT's NBA broadcast focuses on New Orleans today
The "Greenest" Cities
Easily Jazz Up Your Site with Embedded Video Clips

November '06

Classical Radio Lives To Tell The Tale
The Channel Getting Cleared?
Hey, NYT: What about Fair Use?
Dear David Stern: how about "One, two, three, T"
Another Long-Overdue Wrong To Be Righted: Leaf Blowers
Happy Basketball Season!

October '06

"What will make the Web universal is video"
"H.P. Names Ethics Officer"
Armstrong Quote Scores Some More Points
Dell Starts Recycling Program with Free Home Pickup
"Giving Credit Where It’s Due" Dept.

September '06

iTunes Playlist Trick - Upgrade
“How to Hack an Election in One Minute”
WSJ Tech Innovation Awards
TV commercial breaks reach The Outer Limits
Quoted again in Boston Globe's "Business Filter"

August '06

Another "Giant Leap For Humankind": TV-B-Gone!
Public Web Surfing Advisory
Getting Closer to Microsoft (for purely defensive purposes)
How much do I hear for a hole in Excel?
Even More on 'More about Great Customer Service'
More on the crazy new concept called "Customer Service"
Opus: on the Typewriter
"The New Type Writer" (ad circa 1860's)
No YouTube On Panera Bread’s Menu

July '06

A Fire-Breathing Radical!
Last night's Web Innovators Group event
But does it require a high tech solution?
Quoted again on Boston Globe's site, on 'Web 2.0'
The Thing About "User-Generated' Sites - YGWYPF?
"A Working Simple System"
The “Do the Right Thing” Business People: Craig(slist)

March-June '06 -- Pre-Blogger Blog entries
June '06

How About an iTunes "Pro"?
Ding! (at Trader Joe's)
Quoted again on Boston.com
"The whole problem with the world..."
Quoted in WebInno Podcast

May '06

We're quoted on Boston.com
Web Innovators Group "WebInno" event

March '06

Pogue's Favorite Tools
1st Let's Get Web 1.0 Right
Dean Kamen's Energy Inventions
Award for Best Green Invention?
We begin… (1st post)

(The "pre-blog," even.)


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