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Sympatico logo by David Budd
Global(improv)ization in Rhythm

Sympatico Rhythm Unit

is the Woodstock band of lyrical rhythmatists — music for hand drums, percussion, bells, gongs, voices... and featuring various gifted guest Melodians.

As featured in the new film, "Peace, Love & Misunderstanding," with Jane Fonda, Catherine Keener & dir. by Bruce Beresford ("Driving Miss Daisy," "Tender Mercies").

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Sympatico is
Kevin Johnson, Bill Ross, Peter Blum, David Budd, Nathan Brenowitz

All tracks © 2012 by Kevin Johnson and Bill Ross

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Kevin J.

Kevin J.,
Makes the drums we play

Warblehead Union, CD cover

The Warblehead Union

Rhythm based "World jazz fusion," with a little synth, cello, electric guitar, string bass, instrumental voice...


Pulse Field: "The Everchanging Present"

"The Everchanging Present"

By Pulse Field (Peter Blum, David Budd, and vocalist Naaz Hosseini)

The fifth volume in the Sounds for Healing series features the incredible sounds from Peter's 30+ Himalayan Singing Bowls, tamboura, digeridoo, frame drum and percussion.


photo from Travelhouseuk's Travel Blog

Filming the scene, snapped from a overlooking porch behind - half of Bill at left, Kevin behind his djun-djuns.

Actor Nat Wolff's at center, holding his Peace sign upside down.

Jammin' with Jane
Jammin' with Jane on location on the Woodstock Green, waiting for the shoot to start, July 22, 2010. From the left, Neosho, Bill, (Plumflower,) Fre Atlast, Jane Fonda, Lincoln, Judith, Kevin, and Day.
Sympatico, pic by Christina Varga

Live at Varga Gallery, Sept. 2009

(Clockwise from top:
Kevin, Elie, listener, David, Bill; with Peter out of the pic to the left)

Peter Blum

Sympatico: Bill, Kevin -pic by Christina Varga  

Visit Peter Blum's site:


La Luna   




the lads at the full moon circle, 4/09

Bill, Kevin, Dave at the traditional full moon drum circle in the Magic Meadow on Overlook Mountain, Woodstock, April 9, 2009

Bottom photo by Steve Foster









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