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All-Acoustic Contemplative Sound Spaces

Peaceful tones, hypnotic trances, mysterious interludes
with Bells, Gongs, Bowls, Chimes, Percussion, exotic Strings,
Unidentified Flying Sounds... and Nature, in many forms.

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Soundtracks meant to help the listener slow down and relax a little, so the wave that rises in the heart can more easily be found. For putting on in the background later in the evening, to set the tone for time and space to stretch out.

Featuring Peter Blum, David Budd, and Lea Garnier

Why Did We Do This?

Notes on the Album

Key Influences in Wide, Slow music
and ambient sound.

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Photo: Sky Away From The Lights,
(c) by Tunc Tezel,
The World At Night (TWAN).  Used by permission.

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Sympatico Rhythm Unit

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Sympatico Rhythm is the Woodstock lyrical drums & percussion unit — world fusion with hand drums, percussion, bells, gongs, voices... and featuring various gifted guest Melodians, on guitars, violin, horns...

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The Warblehead Union

World Trance Fusion: original instrumental/ vocal music, quality studio recordings which we describe variously as...


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Balinese "Kecak" Monkey Chant
at Woodstock, NY's Mountain View Studio, 11/7/10, led by famed Balinese dancers I Made Bandem and Suasthi Bandem. This particular band of monkeys did a workshop with the Bandems the day before, organized by Baird Hersey and Bill Ylitalo.

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